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  1. If you like someone, wait.
  2. Give lots of compliments, even if you’re shy. Everyone else is too.
  3. Change. Get a haircut, try new perfume, get new sheets. Become better than you were before.
  4. Eat healthier. Learn to cook something fancy.
  5. Get up earlier and watch the sun come up.
  6. Wear soft clothes, take a bath, drink something warm.
  7. Meet someone new, even just a friend.
  8. Become closer with your friends and your family. Call your mother. Cry with your best friend. Tell everyone how much you appreciate them.
  9. Keep your room clean. Buy some candles. Let the natural light in.
  10. Make a list of reasons why you’ll be better off without them. Believe they are true, because they are.
  11. Listen to new music.
  12. Write everything you’re thinking and feeling. Write letters. Write happy letters, sad letters, and angry letters, even if you’re never going to send them.
  13. It’s okay to be sad, but not forever. Sadness is not as beautiful as music makes it seem. Lack of sleep makes your eyes droopy, not deep. Wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re going to have a good day.
  14. Go to the library. Don’t forget to look in the music section.
  15. Remove them from your life. Get rid of the things they gave you if they make you sad. They’re not worth it. You will never be happy if you continue to hold on to the things that make you sad.
  16. Make new memories.
  17. Try to find something to appreciate in everything you do or experience.
  18. Being alone is okay, you don’t have to surround yourself with people.
  19. Become your own best friend. Buy yourself coffee and drink it alone in a cafe. Take your time.
  20. Learn to love every bit of yourself.

—   How to feel better and become better by me (x)

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  1. friendship
  2. laughter
  3. self-love
  4. peace
  5. comfort
  6. honesty
  7. love.

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"I wrote a letter to Ellen Degeneres last year and she never replied. I know I shouldn't care but it actually hurt my feelings. I know I'm overreacting and stuff but it's hard to think that someone you look up to so much doesn't even acknowledge your existence, you know? It just makes me feel so insignificant. How do I handle these feelz? Thanks Ladies xoxo"


- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I can testify that Kristin+Dannielle do a fantastic job of replying to as many emails as possible with all the charm they got—and they really do care. :)


birthday depression. Sickness is always invited to the party

“Oh Romeo, No Romeo, it should have been Mercutio”


William Shakespeare in a recent interview With Us Weekly (via the-navel-treatment)

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Anonymous said: Hi! I got you for the galentine's gift exchange and was wondering which comic ladies you like best?

Sailor Neptune, Wonder Woman, Lord Fanny+Tank Girl


Racism is not dead. It’s not. And that’s why this film is so important. To understand American society today, it starts with these kinds of stories, and the fact that they haven’t been dealt with yet. There’s work to be done. There are apologies that need to be sought and apologies that need to be offered. And that’s on a political level and a social level and an individual level and a communal level

                     -Lupita Nyong’o

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